Spectra i.NET¢â€ž¢ - Music Page Interface(MPI)

Gold Award
Lencore's Spectra i.NET sound masking system uniquely features state of the art network capabilities for sound masking, paging and music through its Music Page Interface (MPI) device. The combined innovations of the complete sound masking system ‚¬â€œ sound source, speakers, power supply, i.LON ®, MPI, central, online Sound Manager control and one-touch remote control ‚¬â€œ put the Spectra i.NET system on a new level of customization and performance. With the MPI there is no need for additional cable home-runs, amplifiers, separate equalizers, special switching equipment or matching vendors for compatible product interfaces. In fact, the MPI technology is so sophisticated that it can make zone additions, modifications, deletions and other changes to the paging system on the fly without rewiring. This eliminates the need for running multiple home runs back to the electrical closet or through building risers to create separate or additional zones. When connected to the Lencore Spectra i.Net Sound Masking System, the MPI provides the ability to program up to 100 zones for paging using standard DTMF tones through a POTS telephone wire. The system is also programmable for all call and emergency broadcast paging. The system's easy to a use full one octave band equalizer and can be adjusted to either individual zones or all zones and provides exceptional fine tuning capabilities.


Lencore products are manufactured in the U.S. with high levels of recycled content and within strict environmental guidelines. The system's on-going energy costs are negligible. MPI is manufactured with over 50% recycled aluminum. The system is digitally engineered to provide an unobtrusive and comfortable sound. The pleasant and uniform introduction of sound masking into office spaces contributes positively to the overall environment. When office noise is reduced, worker satisfaction increases and stress levels are reduced.(ATCO case study) Studies have shown that sound masking in addition to a high performing ceiling tile can create more effective workspaces. Some studies have shown increases in productivity from 3- 20 % .(Knight Rider case study)

Lencore Acoustics Corp. offers a full range of products and services that include sound masking products, music and paging, and speech privacy programs.Lencore's SPEC diagnostic software addresses speech privacy, acoustics and can document reasonable safeguards for HIPAA and GLBA compliancy efforts. Lencore is committed to providing energy efficient, sustainable products that meet insdustry standards for speech privacy, federal mandates and the acoustical needs of Fortune 500companies around the world.

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