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SPEC Sound Masking Software Program
Lencore introduces the SPEC(tm) (Sound and Privacy Evaluation and Criteria) software program, a new sound masking tool for ensuring optimum sound masking for speech privacy and comfort levels for new and existing commercial facilities. The new SPEC software serves as a diagnostic and planning tool for sound masking and paging systems designed and installed by Lencore. The software enables a fact-based approach to analyzing and establishing the spatial and temporal uniformity of sound for sound masking. It also establishes the improvement of privacy levels in a space, both before and after the proposed masking system is installed. In creating this software program, Lencore ensures users that the sound masking system that is installed meets industry standards for speech privacy. The software also provides information to help facility managers meet legal standards for oral privacy (HIPAA, GLBA). In addition, the program enables healthcare and financial facilities to document the reasonable safeguards they have undertaken to protect personal health and financial information. Using the SPEC program, Lencore measures the ambient background sound and uses a variety of other measurements in the space to determine the existing speech privacy and articulation indexes. Next, physical characteristics of the space are programmed into the software, including plenum measurements, ceiling measurements, partition layouts, furniture layouts and ceiling materials, among others. After determining the desired sound masking level for the space, the software draws from a range of sound masking and paging system variables to calculate a number of specifications. From these specifications, the software then generates a Privacy Index Report(tm) that includes details about how the sound masking and/or paging system will perform. The diagnostic capabilities of SPEC software also make it useful for troubleshooting problem spaces, and for comparing sound masking systems.
Lencore Acoustics Corp
Lencore Acoustics Corp. offers a full range of products and services that include sound masking products, music and paging, and speech privacy programs. Lencore's SPEC diagnostic software addresses speech privacy, acoustics and can document reasonable safeguards for HIPAA and GLBA compliancy efforts. Lencore is committed to providing energy efficient, sustainable products that meet insdustry standards for speech privacy, federal mandates and the acoustical needs of Fortune 500 companies around the world.
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Lencore Acoustics Corp
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