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InPro PRISM‚ Solid Surface

Platinum Award
InPro Corporation's Decorative Surfaces Group completely scrapped its former color palette in order to introduce 70 new, unique colors in its new PRISM ® Solid Surface line. With the new wider array of colors, the palette expansion moves InPro squarely into the Top 5 surfaces companies.In January, InPro acquired Lippert Corporation, which launched cultured marble in 1967, making it one of the surface manufacturing pioneers.InPro leveraged its connection with the Color Marketing Group (CMG) to create an entirely new selection of solid surface colors. “Going in, we realized the surfaces palette needed some major overhauling,  said Marc Holland, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for InPro. “From our affiliation with the CMG, we know that colors and patterns are a factor of tastes and trends. Based on that knowledge, we decided to start from scratch with a our coloration partners and completely overhaul the entire palette. In addition to the PRISM line, InPro also offers its signature LIPPERT ® Cultured Marble and SUNCAST Cultured Marble products.

InPro Corporation operates four major divisions:* IPC Interior Protection Products and Decorative Surfaces* Clickeze Privacy Systems/Soft Goods* JointMaster Engineered Metal Products* SignScape Signage/Wayfinding

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