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Culebra Collection

Best of 2022
The new Culebra (snake) Collection by Thompson Traders is hand-crafted with such technical intricacy that each piece embodies both the look and feel of the texture inspired by the animal. Directly from the mind of Alejandra Ochoa de Thompson, founder and creative director of Thompson Traders, the Collection was perfected through thoughtful collaboration with artisans in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico.

The complex design is achieved using ancient techniques—perfected through centuries and passed from generation to generation—to transform radiant metals into timeless art. In fact, to replicate the realistic texture of snakeskin, 7 different chisels are used to bring each Culebra range hood, kitchen sink, or bar sink to life. The metal is etched out with such precision, that one square meter of patterned copper for the animal print can take up to two weeks to create—making each piece from the Collection truly one-of-a-kind.

Somewhere between design and polish, Thompson Traders’ sinks, tubs, and custom range hoods come to life with a fusion of timeless elegance grounded in classic, handmade mastery.

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