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Transit Parking Garage Signage
Transit is a sign system for parking garages and the unique requirements of the garage environment. Transit address the particular sign types needed, the unique wayfinding requirements and the mounting hardware and methodologies necessary for safety and long-term performance; Transit also brings a range of graphics and imagery that transforms the garage from dark and unwelcoming to bright, warm and welcoming.


Transit’s ACM sign panels are comprised of recycled thermoplastic. The custom aluminum extrusion is recycled. All materials and components are sourced within 500 miles.


Transit is a price competitive option for the parking garage. Actual pricing depends on mounting hardware and surface materials.


Transit includes every sign type required in a parking garage… all with a matching appearance. The system includes 24 graphic packages… the predesigned options make it easy to select graphics appropriate for the project. Further flexibility is afforded by easily replaceable sign faces. Transit is a direct print on an ACM panel. The panel has a protective overlay providing scratch and chemical resistance and assuring no loss of vibrancy and color. Mounting hardware is non-corroding and engineered with a 4:1 safety factor with respect to load and pull-out strength.
Branding Space. Moving people.

The synergy between your brand and space has inspired us since we introduced our first industry innovation in 2003. Today, our design DNA continually drives us to push the boundaries of your brand’s potential in the built environment.

We’ll help you make a lasting impression. Start with wayfinding – our practitioners will help you greet each visitor and guide them to their destination in a visual voice uniquely yours – welcoming and on brand. Once there, immerse them in a sophisticated visual experience of who you are. You’ll start the conversation and foster a relationship before the first handshake and every moment after.

Our people, process and products are focused on enabling you to tell your brand story – eloquently and effortlessly. From design and manufacturing through installation and ownership services – we are fully integrated to assure you a streamline process and optimal outcome.

We believe unifying brand and space has the power to move people.
Address: 11601 Maple Ridge Road
City: Medina
State: NY
Zip: 14103
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 528-1398
Website: http://www.takeform.net
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