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Carrete side table

Fabrizio Constanza’s unique design approach to “functional Art by commission” generated “ Carrete” side table . Carrete is a marvelous Art & Design object with a masterfully way to conceptualize a single memory. Carrete captures and regenerates the client’s childhood memories of producing his own kinetic toys from wood sewing thread Spool. The side table has a modern and sophisticated appearance generated by a well-balanced composition of Color and Volume. The Dynamic design integrates well with contemporary and classical style’s decoration. The object moves away from traditional custom furniture and creates a fantastic Functional Art collectable.




The latest functional Art by commission from the Designer, Carrete side Table followed the methodology of capture emotion into Objects. The Art & design object is the result of understanding the Clients emotion about his childhood experience of fabricating his own toys, researching the history of
Traditional Guatemalan toys and 1940’s kids practice of fabricating their own Kinetic toys. During post war era, kids would utilize residual packaging materials such as glass, wood spools, and wood pencils to create yoyos, spinners and capiruchos ( cup & ball toy variation). Carrete combines the client’s taste for contemporary furniture and the kinetic nature of traditional Guatemalan toys to produce an Asymmetric composition. The Client’s favorite toy was the Capirucho made of Wood Spools. The Side Table is made of handcrafted wood.

Fabrizio Constanza Design is a company dedicated to create unique functional art collectables pieces and design and production of commissioned pieces for private or hospitality projects.

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