Gold Award
GeoDesign Project 6
Simplicity and geometric shapes blend together beautifully with GranitiFiandre's latest product innovation, GeoDesign(Shown Project 6). Through the power of water jet designs and the utilization of wood, steel, glass, and mirror, diverse shapes are created from GranitiFiandre's exquisite porcelain products. Surfaces become unique compositions integrating seamlessly into any design project from classic to contemporary. GeoDesign's ten, unique patterns form the Projects 00 - 09 collection. Each project has special design attributes ranging from a mix of materials to varying rectangular sizes to multiple wave patterns to contemporary engravings. Shown here is Project 06, which features crossed engravings. Project 00 ‚¬â€œ Diverse collection of traditional Mosaics in sizes 1x1, 1x2, 3x3, and 6x2 -- mounted on 12x12 format. Project 01 ‚¬â€œ Varying sizes of Rectangles and Lines -- mounted on 12x12 format. Project 02 ‚¬â€œ Chic Multiple Waves and Lines -- mounted on 12x12 format. Project 03 ‚¬â€œ Listels and Stone Walls - mounted on 24x12 format. Project 04 ‚¬â€œ Unique Steel and Glass Combination - mounted on 12x24 format. Project 05 ‚¬â€œ Stunning Engravings and Mirror Combination - mounted on 24x12 format. Project 06 ‚¬â€œ Contemporary Crossed Engravings in 16x16 and 24x24 formats. Project 07 ‚¬â€œ Ultra-Contemporary Linear Engravings in 12x12 and 16x16 formats. Project 08 ‚¬â€œ Stone and Wood Combination in 6x24, 12x24, and 24x24 formats. Project 09 ‚¬â€œ Exciting Colored Glass and Engravings Combination in 12x12 format.


2005 Best of Boutique Award Winner for Project 02 Waves and Lines.


Price varies depending upon project, size, and finish.
GranitiFiandre has for decades leveraged its Italian roots and global perspective to provide comprehensive surfacing design solutions for commercial and residential applications. Internationally, GranitiFiandre has gathered its vast range of products into five major brands: GeoStyle, Geologica, GeoTecnica, Granitech, and Xtra. From classic to contemporary – from textured to polished – from aggressive hues to receding hues - with GranitiFiandre designers are limited only by their imagination. GranitiFiandre's corporate headquarters, along with two of their production facilities, are located in Italy (Castellarano, Reggio Emilia). Two additional production facilities are located in the USA (Tennessee) and in Germany. Their products are sold in the U.S. through exclusive distributors and GranitiFiandre Resource Centers located in Boston, Chicago, Itasca, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Dedication to a healthy and safe environment is an important part of GranitiFiandre's history. Significant investments in materials usage efficiency, air quality protection, water resource management and energy efficiency are the hallmarks of GranitiFiandre's corporate stewardship. GranitiFiandre is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The use of their products helps reduce the environmental impacts of building operations. And, GranitiFiandre products may help projects qualify for LEED certification. For more information, visit our websites at and
Address: 1159 Bryn Mawr Av
City: Itasca
State: IL
Zip: 60143
Country: United States
Phone: (630) 285-1110
Fax: (312) 276-8590
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