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Rettangolo Collection: New Finishes

Platinum Award
The unprecedented, minimalistic Rettangolo collection - with its square/rectangular shapes with sharp angles - Gessi introduced to tap ware in 2002, transformed a daily use object into a small furnishing sculpture. To celebrate the 15 years of Rettangolo, Gessi proposes a refresh of this historical range, which concerns the rationalization of the offer with the redesign and actualization of various items for the bath and shower, and especially the introduction of brand new finishes for the whole line. A major novelty is the finishes of the range, which goes beyond the customary Chrome and Finox by adding very up to date finishes such as Copper, Brushed Copper, Brushed Black Metal, polished Black metal and finally a very contemporary Black Velvety effect.Rettangolo confirms its status as a design icon, as it demonstrates the evocative and communicative power of those designs that have become eternal; it has the strength of those well-designed, instantly recognizable, innovative, functional, intelligent, discreet, honest, self-explanatory products that are capable of seducing even after decades. The public can recognize in Rettangolo a meaning, a part of their own personality, and an experience they want to add to their own house and life.


Faucets are manufactured in the innovative facility Gessi Park, reclaimed from an abandoned quarry. It uses advanced technology and engineering to meet the highest standards of environmental stewardship. For example, solar panels heat the factory and almost all water used in production is recycled, purified and used to irrigate the Park.

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