OmniTouch 10p Touchscreen

The OmniTouch 10p Touchscreen is a portable 10.4  IP-based Touchscreen that has an Ethernet port and built-in WLAN. It is primarily used as an interface for either Omni family or Lumina family home control systems; however, it can be set up as a stand-alone remote for your home theater, corporate board room, or school classroom. The 10p facilitates control of lights, temperature, security, audio/video, and more. The homewoner can carry it around the house (and set it down using the included kick-stand) or keep it in a charging docking cradle on a table for easy access to manage the home's lighting, temperatures, A/V equipment, and more. It can be fully customized, or is ready-to-use immediately. Two noteworthy features include the ability to browse the Internet and directly view IP surveillance cameras. Homeowners can press one button to turn on the A/V components, play a DVD, close window coverings, and set the entire house to desired temperature and lighting levels for an enjoyable entertainment experience.


CEPro Best Product 2009


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