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Custom Sectional 2
Sectionals are the the ideal solution for maximum seating in otherwise closed spaces, as well as large entertainment areas. Add a sofa bed for an instant guest room or turn the urban office into a pied- a-terre.
Avery Boardman
Mission Statement At Avery Boardman the needs of the architect, designer, and interior decorator are plainly understood. Each of your clients, large and small, is given your personal attention. The small and final details are often the difference between a great job and a really great job. Each and every project bears your time, signature and reputation. We respect your personal attention to your clients. Here at Avery Boardman, each and every order is given "hands on" personal care, one at a time. One person carries an order from beginning to end. From building the frame, cutting the fabric, to stuffing the cushions, all up until final inspection, whereupon the piece is closely and carefully scrutinized. Each piece is thoroughly checked upside-down and inside-out for pulls, loose threads, final dimensions, cushion proportions, and general overall integrity by an objective party. If it is not right, it is fixed, if it cannot be properly fixed, it is remade. Our attitude is that the best solution to a possible problem lies in taking every precaution to prevent it from occurring, saving us all time, money and most of all, embarrassment. Each piece individually carries our name and your specifications, thus elevating it to our highest priority and standard of quality. Only this way can we stay true to your artistic vision and as always, satisfy you and your clients.
Address: 979 Third Ave - 4th Fl
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 10022
Country: United States
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Avery Boardman
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