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Divinity Collection - Model X55
Divinity Collection Model X55:: features the additional design detail of a split cushion back. The upper cushion sculpts the ergonomic lumbar support while the lower cushion is padded for lower back comfort.
In 1964 no one supplied comfortable seating to churches. Chairs were rarely found in the sanctuary. The chairs that did exist were uncomfortable and did not meet the special needs that churches required. This need inspired us to modify some existing designs and what evolved was the Classico Collection. That was over forty years ago. Today we have taken sanctuary seating to the Infinity Collection and beyond. Chairtex remains the innovative leader in seating for your sanctuary. Why? Simple, Chairtex is a company committed to excellence through continuous improvement. This fact is as evident in the style and design of the seating we supply as it is in the quality with which the seating is made. Our research and development team, led by our Chief Chairologist, is continuously in search of the latest material innovations and manufacturing technologies that Chairtex can integrate into our premium seating. The formula for building superior seating is ever changing and innovation is what keeps Chairtex ahead of the curve. Great design has little value if it is not built to last. Innovation has kept Chairtex ahead of the curve for forty years and innovation will continue to be our guiding light into the future.
Address: 861 Middlegate Rd
City: Mississauga
State: ON
Zip: L4Y 3Y4
Country: Canada
Phone: (888) 724-2478
Website: http://www.chairtex.com
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