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Leather Wrapped Toilet Seat - Patent Gator- Bianco Lid and Winter Color
Leather Toilet Seats, Lids and Bath Rugs
“It is good to be king.”

Rockville, MD – October XX, 2011 - EcoDomo is introducing the Royal Throne Collection™ of leather toilet seats, lids and rugs. This continues the rollout of ecological, stylish and unique sustainable architectural details which EcoDomo has pioneered in the sustainable finishes industry.

“Leather is comfortable, and comforting - we've installed leather on all possible interior surfaces of buildings and residences for more than five years...” says Christian Nadeau, President of EcoDomo LLC. “In powder rooms, a leather seat and lid is unexpected, sophisticated, and artful. In master and spa baths, they’re a wonderful indulgence. Velvety, intimate and soft. It’s a great way to begin and end a day. Sit on it and think, it’s good to be king! Why stop at leather floors?"

EcoDomo has pioneered unique recycled leather applications for floors which are as comparable to cork or linoleum for wear. The toilet seats are an extension of the company's line and focus on the hospitality and high-end design industry. They are made of bamboo, a natural, renewable grass, which are wrapped with premium Italian top-grain, anti-microbial, low-VOC leather specially finished by EcoDomo. The toilet seats are complemented by matching bath mats. The bath mats are assembled on recycled post-consumer rubber with a signature saddle stitch finish.

The Royal Throne Collectionâ„¢ is offered as follows:
• Seats and bath mats in seven standard leather colors;
• The bath mats are offered in three sizes;
• The lid can be upgraded with one of four crocodile-embossed Patent leather;
• Clients can choose to have only the lid covered in leather; or
• Clients can ask for a specific seat model to be covered in leather.

Nadeau admits that leather in the bathroom is not for the shy. “This is a first-class statement. It’s daring. They come in racy colors or classic tones. They’re warm and really quite beautiful. Think of them as the ultimate Le Corbusier leather chair to rest and ponder in a quiet, personal environment." The leather seats are maintained with anti-bacterial natural Clorox after which you should polish the seat with leather wipes to maintain the finish.

Prince Charles, heir to the British Royal Throne, is reported to have his own white-leather wrapped toilet seat which he received as a Christmas gift several years ago. His personal butler confirmed that the Prince always has his leather-clad seat accompany him on travels.

The EcoDomo Royal Throne Collectionâ„¢ toilet seats, lids and bath rugs, available in seven standard colors, can be obtained through designers, specialty wholesalers or from EcoDomo. Visit for more information.

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