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Cartier - Royal Hawaiian
CARTIER ‚¬â€œ HONOLULU FREE STANDING FIXTURE DESCRIPTION: The timeless elegance exemplified in these freestanding showcases is an ideal fit for the brand, in tune with the classic taste of Cartier and items on display. The minimal construction of the fixtures put emphasis on the merchandise. Antique bronze/starphire glass platforms are supported by legs that conceal the power required by the fiberoptic lighting and security system. With seamless secured storage, the fixtures allow accessibility to the product through an electronic key entry system. BUILT-IN FIXTURE DESCRIPTION: The built-in fixtures (or secret walls) are embedded at the store perimeter to provide additional display for merchandise as well as the storage essential for the operation of the store. The design is treated as an architectural element rather than emphasizing its utilitarian function. The selection of warm materials such as white oak and red leather further blend with the store concept and provides a unique backdrop to the freestanding fixtures. When closed, the complex but organized panels help conceal the way that the interior of the fixture is accessed. Illumination and the electronic key entry system are also concealed within the body of the fixture. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This about-face from Cartier's previous presentations exudes the quiet, sophisticated luxury of the prestigious brand's image in this remodel and expansion. A museum quality is achieved with fine materials, classic forms with a contemporary spin, and drapery to soften the architecture. The asymmetrical layout organizes the space into specialized areas while remaining open to promote circulation, and large glass windows let in natural light. The seating and display design promotes client-staff interaction.


PROJECT TEAM: Architecture: Barteluce Architects & Associates, New York Design: 4BI, Paris Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Design: Henry Hirsch & Associates, California Built-In Fixtures: Cassina S.P.A. Milan, Italy Free Standing Fixtures: Molteni & Co. Giussano, Italy General Contracting: Dickenson Cameron Construction, Solano Beach, California Photography: Barteluce Architects & Associates, New York Retailer: Cartier Inc., New York
Barteluce Architects
Barteluce Architects & Associates is a leading architectural and interior design firm specializing in the creation of awe-inspiring spaces and luxury retail environments. Since its creation in 1990, the firm has established an international reputation for creative excellence and architectural expertise. Building you a better business Barteluce Architects & Associates is committed to providing individual solutions to your business needs. We approach each project with no preconceptions. It is with an open mind and attentive ears that we work with you to develop concepts that complement your objectives and strategies. By utilizing the latest technology in visual communication, we encourage a rich dialog between architect and client to ensure that initial concepts are successfully realized, under budget and on time. What we do best A full-service architectural consulting firm, Barteluce Architects and Associates offers it's talents in architecture, interior design, master planning, feasibility studies, merchandising, project management, documentation, and historic restoration. We pride ourselves on delivering quality service from a talented staff, at reasonable and competitive fees. Barteluce Architects understands that if a project is over budget and not delivered on time, that it is a failure regardless of how beautiful it may be. Striving for excellence Barteluce Architects & Associates presently holds licenses in over thirty states and is familiar with the various jurisdictional building codes. We look forward to working with you to make your project another success!
Address: 148 Lafayette St Fl 11
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 10013-3115
Country: United States
Phone: (212) 691-7200
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Barteluce Architects
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