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Grand Promenade

The designer decide to go for an all-black look for the three bedroom apartment which is quite a daring concept. Entering the home, your eye immediately adjust to the dramatic space where a white curvy sculpture,, accentuated by spotlights on a black mirrored cabinet.Black walls contrast starkly against the tan wooden floor, the deep grains of which almost map out your path down the hallway and into the living area of the home. Another unique are brainstormed by the designer is the feature wall of photographs that face the dining area. He has also taken pains to balance the mix of simple, streamlined furnishings with funkier items.

PTang Studio Ltd was established in 1997 and engages in diverse scope of projects: ranging from small-scale residential show flat design to large-scale commercial works like corporate headquarters and movie launching functions. As a professional consultancy, we engaged a wide range of projects in Hong Kong, China, Japan and UK.Our philosophy is modest and getting to basics is what we believe in. We create spaces bringing our clients the most comfort atmosphere, by understanding their individual preferences. Seeking for the finest quality and innovations, developing a fresh and unique style that transcends boundaries and widens the horizon of design in the visionary future is our aim. Our excellence and quality of work can be reflected from our well-deserved reputation established. Our company is organized around a series of teams, each of which is managed by an experienced designer. We do believe our aggressive and energetic designers with professional experiences are able to provide the best services for our clients. PTang Studio Ltd is well placed to new design challenges. Our spectacular vision to each delicate project and this can be reflected from the vast amount of fresh commissions and the number of companies with whom we have established a long term strategic relationship over past years.

Rm 603-604 Harry Industrial Bldg
Kowloon nil
Hong Kong
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