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Refrigerator Armoire
Disguised as a free-standing armoire, the refrigerator is all but invisible. The cabinet incorporates not only doors but sliding drawers. One has the illusion that it is a fine piece of intricately carved furniture.


Pounds & Francs pricing is by the linear foot averaging from $1275 to $2640 retail. We have three different de'partements that can accommodate the needs of any discriminating tastes. The differentiation of the three de'partements are the features and additional upgrades such as carvings, bonnets, larger crown moldings, and interior amenities. We have the capacity to build up to a ten foot height on all our cabinetry. All cabinetry features hand carving and hand finishing.
Pounds & Francs
After an installation of a Pounds & Francs kitchen, the cabinetry looks as if it has been collected from numerous fine European antique dealers. Upon close examination, it remains difficult to tell whether any particular piece is a well-preserved cabinet builder's antique masterwork or a new set of cabinets that have been masterfully rendered from wood and then richly hand-stained and glazed to produce a distinctive old world appearance. As you continue to look closely, you begin to realize that everything is the kitchen fits together far too precisely to be the result of a chance gathering of items collected from various sources. This is what makes a Pounds & Francs product stand alone. Pounds & Francs employees incredible artisans who have been doing hand-crafted furniture in their families for generations. It is known as bench-made furniture as it is all crafted by hand and often made using hand tools that belong to that particular family. Therefore the tools have been handed down for generations. This is the kind of artisan craftsmanship that separates Pounds & Francs from any other hand-built furniture and cabinetry offered in today's market. There is not a machined product sold here. Ancient techniques that have been proven over generations are only used. The highest quality components are used, down to things you do not even see like under-mounted drawer glides. Pounds & Francs employees over 60 artisans, craftsmen, and professionals in two factory locations with the corporate headquarters being in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All the actual construction and hand-carving is done in the plant in Southern California. Once the product is delivered to the Tulsa facility, all sanding, hand-distressing and hand-hewning, hand finishing and staining is done. Prior to delivery, every piece is gone over in great detail to make sure that product meets Pounds & Francs highest standards. Pounds & Francs has a dealer network located in Oklahoma, New York, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Missouri and Tennessee with additional marketplaces scheduled to open in 2004. Pounds & Francs made a spectacular entrance into the Luxury Kitchen and Bath Shows in both Las Vegas and New York City. The accolades and praise bestowed on Pounds & Francs were phenomenal. Pounds & Francs is now at the top of the industry in quality, design and uniqueness. Let Pounds & Francs enhance your special way of living.
Address: 2201 South Rosedale
City: Tulsa
State: OK
Country: United States
Phone: (918) 587-8333
Fax: (918) 587-8349
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