New Built-In Refrigeration Line

Platinum Award
The revamped built-in refrigeration line underscores Sub-Zero's commitment to design flexibility with new creative options and builds on the company's expertise in food preservation with groundbreaking new features. The heart and soul of the new built-ins continues to be Sub-Zero's freshness preservation system, the foundation of which is dual refrigeration. The system separately controls the temperature and humidity of the refrigerator and freezer compartments, and it holds preset temperatures within an exceptional plus-or-minus one-degree. Sub-Zero's redesigned built-in line incorporates a new process to purify the air in the refrigerator. The entire volume of air in the refrigerator is “scrubbed  via the air purification system an average of once every 20 minutes to eliminate odors, viruses and bacteria ‚¬â€œ as well as the ethylene gases that hasten ripening and, ultimately, food spoilage. The system is commercially proven through wholesale food distributors, the medical community and the wine industry. For the first time in a refrigerator, the new built-in series incorporates a water filter unlike any other. The Sub-Zero system takes filtration to a higher level by reducing viruses and bacteria that may be present from water and ice. Refrigerator water filters typically reduce chlorine and sediment, but Sub-Zero's new design takes filtration a step further. The new microbiological water filter reduces any contaminants in household water while preserving the fresh taste of clean water and ice. Currently, Sub-Zero is the only built-in manufacturer to incorporate this type of water filtration technology. The exterior of Sub-Zero's built-in line offers a brand new design option: flush inset. This entirely new option allows models to be installed completely flush with surrounding cabinetry. A redesigned door hinge gives these units a smaller profile and facilitates inset installation. Flush inset models can accept Classic Stainless, Platinum Stainless or Carbon Stainless Steel panels, or they can be fitted with custom panels.


Honorable Mention, Refrigerator Category, 2008 KB Awards


Available Fall 2008

Sub-Zero Inc. and Wolf Appliance Inc.


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