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The Delta Hues

Platinum Award

So many places in the world delight the senses. Even just the thought of a global experience puts our senses into motion. India has its vibrant spices and colorful saris. Switzerland boasts a breathtaking and yet almost surreal natural landscape. Japan is known for gagaku, the elegant ancient court music and dancing that attracts attention due to its recognizable melodies and visuals. Adding to the list is the Mississippi Delta, known for a intermingling of aromatic flavors, eclectic languages and a vibrant cultural diversity. The Delta truly delivers a kaleidoscope to each of the senses             

Viking is infusing beauty and originality from around the globe into your home with the Contemporary Color Collection. The warm feeling of world colors, while encouraging your individual expression, is what inspired Viking to create a rousing palette that is diverse, stunning and globally influenced.

The Viking Contemporary Color Collection was proudly crafted in partnership with the experts at Sherwin Williams. Homeowners and designers will fall in love with the dynamic array of the palette. Each shade is paired with an expanded collection of colors, providing the means to create an extraordinary yet uniquely personal kitchen design tailored specifically for every user and their experiences. These fresh and innovative colors were inspired by global influences along with the unforgettable Mississippi Delta experience of colorful people, food and culture. 


In addition to ranges, a wide variety of Viking cooking, ventilation, refrigeration and cleanup products are available in The Delta Hues to complete your personal vision and dream kitchen.

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