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HousePure ScaleStop By Water, Inc.
Premier water treatment for the entire home. HousePure ScaleStop utilizes a combination of coconut shell activated carbon, KDF-55 media and Watts ScaleStop Media. In combination, the HousePure ScaleStop provides the most effective alternative to salt-using water softeners, reducing harmful scale buildup throughout pipes, dishes and appliances while retaining beneficial minerals in the water supply. The scale control system does not require salt.


System Dealer Pricing: $3,698.95


Recommended replacement of media is three years. 16 GPM Scale Control Includes Installation Kit Scale Control Alternative to Water Softening Automatic Backwashing with Heavy Duty Industrial Valve Whole House Protection Coconut Shell Carbon and KDF Media Protection 1/2” discharge connection Up to 1-1/2” Flow Connections The HousePure® with WATTS ScaleStop by Water, Inc. is not a water softener. Treated water will not feel “soft” nor will there be a slippery feeling common with soft water. Soap lather will be slightly less than what is experienced with softened water, but more than what is experienced with untreated water. -Well Water- Well water applications may not be appropriate for the HousePure® ScaleStop system. A water analysis must be completed and submitted to a Water, Inc. technician for evaluation to confirm the efficacy of the HousePure® ScaleStop system with non-municipal water prior to purchasing the HousePure® ScaleStop System.
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