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Complete Concert Memorabilia Merchandise Entrapment
At Maximum Size this 26" x 26" Clear acrylic or glass entrapment can be custom molded to hold a 12" LP Record and Cover, 12" x 18" poster and 4" x 6" ticket or photograph using magnets to seal the entrapment. Acrylic or glass mirror can be used as the back piece. The back can be magnetized for wall mounting on metal or fitted with second set of holes for studs.


Magnet sealing allows consumer to access the contents of the entrapment simply and quickly. Acrylic and glass preserve and protect the weather and light sensitive records and paper products.




Cost with labor to create 26"x26 entrapment including acrylic and magnet studs would be $25 per piece


This is the maximum size, the product can be scaled down to fit just a 12" and sleeve (12" x 24"), a 7" record or CD.
Elizabeth D'Ambrosio
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