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L1 PowerPost EV Charging Station
The Telefonix L1 PowerPostTM EV Charging Station is the first commercial Level 1 Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), providing an economical charging solution with a retractable charging cable to eliminate the clutter and potential hazard of long cables. The L1 PowerPost Charging Station is emerging as a player in the EVSE landscape due to the product’s unique use of commercial Level 1 charging, integration of Telefonix’s patented retractable cable design, potential for custom branding or design, and the convenience of a user-friendly interface with a cost of ownership that creates a win-win for both the EV driver and the Parking Facility.

A viable EV charging solution for users, the community and our environment
The L1 PowerPost Charging Station was designed to help parking facilities and business owners meet the charging needs of a growing number of EVs in a way that’s convenient to EV owners, and simple and affordable to install.

The L1 PowerPost Charging Station is designed with simplicity in mind, utilizing a standard 120-volt, 20-amp dedicated circuit. Most existing electrical services can easily accommodate additional 120v/20A circuits. However, adding 240-volt circuits often requires expensive upgrades to handle a significant increase in electrical power. Level 1 allows for electricians to use #12 wires, which are less expensive than #8 or #10 wires used for Level 2 charging stations. In commercial applications, the cost savings with Level 1 can be dramatic.

The L1 PowerPost Charging Station is best suited for plug-in vehicles that dwell for extended periods of time. Destinations such as: workplaces, train stations, airports, hotels or casinos are prime locations. Studies show that the total average distance we drive each day is 40 miles. The range lost in a 20-mile commute can typically be recovered in about 4 hours of Level 1 charging.

The electricity cost will typically be under $2 per day per vehicle. For example: At an electricity rate of 12 cents per kWh, a car that charges for 8 hours at 1440 watts (12 amps) will cost $1.38. Here is the math: 1.44 kWh x $0.12/kWh x 8 hours = $1.38 total.

Easy and inexpensive to install: The L1 PowerPost Charging Station is easily hardwired with conduit from the back or bottom of the unit - individually or daisy chained - subject to local electrical codes.

UL Listed: The L1 PowerPost Charging Station is UL 2594 Certified for EVSE commercial use by Underwriters Laboratories. The product meets UL’s strict testing standards for safety and energy efficiency.

Minimizes cord maintenance: Patented retractable cord reel technology helps keep cords clean, undamaged and off the ground when not in use, therefore reducing liability concerns and increasing life.

Customizable with branding: Custom high-definition graphic wraps create an advertising opportunity for host businesses or sponsors.

Meets industry EVSE specs: The L1 PowerPost Charging Station uses the standard SAE J1772 connector.


Easy on the grid: Each L1 PowerPost Charging Station draws a maximum of 16 amps on a standard 120v supply circuit. Utility companies are concerned about the amount of power that Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations demand, especially during peak hours. Electric vehicle sales nearly doubled in 2013 compared to 2012 and are growing at a much faster rate than hybrids did when first introduced in the early-2000's. With this trend set to continue, the concern for power requirements will only grow in magnitude. However, the amount of power required for the L1 PowerPost Charging Station can easily be met with little or no changes to existing power supply infrastructure.


The L1 PowerPost Charging Station was designed in the USA and is the first UL recognized commercial grade Level 1 EVSE. The L1 PowerPost Charging Station brings a slew of firsts including: 14-feet of retractable EVSE cable and an option for full customization with high-definition vinyl wraps and a selection of 5 cap colors. The L1 PowerPost Charging Station is made of high-quality aluminum and medical grade plastics to offer a durable product that is easy to install and user-friendly for EV drivers.


The L1 PowerPost Charging Station is listed with a MSRP of $1,495.00.


120VC / 16A
20A supply circuit
Retractable cord reel - waterproof and spark-proof
14 feet of EVSE cable
LED operator interface
SAE J1772 connector
UL 2594 certified for EVSE commercial use
NEMA 3R enclosure

Overall Dimensions:
Height: 58.9 inches
Width: 6.0 inches
Depth (without connector): 9.0 inches
Depth (with connector): 17.0 inches
Weight: 45 pounds
Telefonix, Inc.
Telefonix is a leader in cord reel technology, with more than 60 patents issued to date for its cable innovations. In addition to its portfolio of cord reel products, the company also designs and manufactures custom electronics for customers in highly regulated industries. In 2011, the idea to leverage the company’s capabilities to address unmet needs in the EVSE space was born. Today, the same proven cord reel technology that flies on the majority of the world’s airlines is now designed and incorporated into the L1 PowerPost EVSE, the first true Commercial Level 1 electric vehicle charging station. Based in Waukegan, Illinois, the Telefonix team is adept at delivering smart solutions to market. With a staff of highly skilled engineers, project managers, manufacturing experts and more, the Telefonix team delivers the quality product you expect and service you need for success.
Address: 2340 Ernie Krueger Circle
City: Waukegan
State: IL
Zip: 60087
Country: United States
Phone: (847) 244-4500
Fax: +1.847.244.4525
Website: http://www.telefonixinc.com
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