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Life Fitness Discover User Interface

Platinum Award
Life Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment manufacturing, has merged digital life with the workout experience through its Discover™ Tablet Console on Elevation™ Series Treadmills, Cross-Trainers and Lifecycle™ Exercise Bikes. The Discover user interface delivers the personalized technology today’s plugged-in exercisers demand. It features Swipe™ Technology with an ultra-responsive touch screen that functions much like other personal electronic devices such as tablets, making it easier to navigate between screens. The new Discover UI is built on an Android operating system and the first to sync with Android devices, in addition to Apple’s iOS devices. Users can identify themselves in a number of ways, including smartphone, PIN entry, USB or RFID to access personal online content and navigate the web directly from the equipment, as well as create their own workout programs and set content preferences. Through Discover, exercisers can run, hike or bike through interactive outdoor courses, a flagship feature called Lifescape, which includes destinations such as California, France and Germany to name a few. The machine’s incline and resistance change with the terrain as users trek through pristine nature and gorgeous scenery. Discover’s superior technology is optimized through a complementary cloud solution, LFconnect, which enables facility owners and managers to customize available content to exercisers and provides free asset management. LFconnect also supports personal trainers who want to track workouts or set up individualized workouts for clients. The user experience team at PDT designed a user experience framework that surmounted a host of challenges for Life Fitness, such as the organization of exercise information and content, new to the market end-user delighters, personal content, ensuring the ability to operate while in motion, as well as developing a user interface that allows for future updates in functionality and features to lengthen the lifecycle of the interface. To quickly enable users to navigate Discover, the interface menu is made of a single row of content panels that a user can swipe or jump to through quick buttons, in order to access internet, social networking, television, music, personal content, exercises, workout data and games.Discover is an easy-to-operate, sleek interface with vibrant, high definition images and graphics on a large 19-inch display. The team revisualized workout data including improving graphics and providing richer information. With a swipe of a finger, users navigate seamlessly between crisp, clear screens to customize entertainment and workouts. The team was able to identify optimal layouts for setup and viewing information. The 19-inch screen display was chosen to allow for the maximum amount of information to be presented in a hierarchal way that is clean, approachable and customizable by the user, while also being viewable within a person’s direct field of vision. Icons and typography are simple and easy to read at the user’s viewing distance. Exercises are color coded to help organize the amount of options. Working to create a simple interface, the team cut down on the number of screens to complete a task. The workout setup including age, weight and height is editable in a single view. Lists live in the same environment as content eliminating the need to leave the screen to navigate. Each menu panel can grow to fill screen visibility to reduce visual clutter while still showing the preferred information. When viewing videos, the buttons become transparent allowing users to focus on full screen view.The user can customize what they see on the screen. They can show or hide exercise information based on their personal preferences including speed, elapsed time and calories burned. The system is plug-and-play, so preferred workouts, websites and display settings instantaneously load from one machine to another via the user identification system.


The user interface was flexible not only for the users, but also for Life Fitness to enable them to offer seamless updates over time. The team provided a framework that can be used and adjusted moving forward, allowing them to bridge in other technologies and partners.Discover was based on research and built for the people who use it with the intention it will evolve as its users do, making it a tool exercisers will look forward to using now and in the future.


Good Design, Spark Finalist


Design team: PDT: George Guffey, Will Capellaro, Samantha Arceta; Life Fitness: Brittany Hizer, Jack Hough, Ross Bourbonnais


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