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Tipsy! Electronic Tipping Concept
Tipsy! is a fun and easy way for customers to show appreciation for service through tipping in an increasingly cash-free environment. It provides a platform for employees and establishments to continue the relationship beyond the current transaction through social media. It provides an opportunity for establishments to stay connected with their customers via opt-in promotions and loyalty programs. Tipsy! is a tool that enables donations to charitable causes that the establishment and their customers have in common. It provides another great way for establishments to enable customers to interact with their brand.

Tipsy! - All the Gratitude, None of the Hassle.

Tipsy is the result of a cross-functional group of PDT team members who set out to solve a growing issue for those of us who still like to leave a tip for a job well done but tend to not have cash on hand. As new and ever more convenient electronic payment methods emerge, people are carrying less cash. We hated to think of our friendly neighborhood baristas and other service providers suffering the consequences.

So we got together and put the ideation process we use every day on products as varied as medical devices, defense products and consumer goods and developed a solution that embraces new payment methods
while giving businesses opportunities to create a lasting brand impression at the same time…all while maintaining a responsible eco footprint.

This vision project was conceived by us and developed during down time. It’s not available for purchase, but rather as a concept to be considered as an answer to the issues we’ve observed and opportunities we’ve uncovered in our changing economy.


Tipsy! utilizes authentic materials and sustainable technology. It features:

• An elegant, durable and easy to clean glass jar that echoes classic tip jars.
• Durable and quirky cork top. Milled from cork composite; a warm, approachable, and sustainable material. In addition to being a natural product, cork bark is harvested without killing any trees.
• Establishments are encouraged to repurpose used. Provide-your-own-iPhone kits are available at a reduced price and require minimal setup. All ready-to-install
kits are provided with refurbished iPhones that offer full functionality.
• A companion Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna module is connected via the
phone’s 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing older phones to use the future-friendly Near Field Communication (NFC) protocol to complete a transaction quickly and securely.




Tipsy! provides a robust tipping experience.

• Offers a familiar cash and coin option AND an electronic tipping interface that works for everybody.
• Provides a safe tip payment method delivered over a secure web connection. Flexible and robust web connectivity options are available to establishments (wired, wifi and/or cellular).
• GPS-based push notifications: customers can choose to be notified whenever they are near a Tipsy location.
• Compatibility for all current and next generation smartphones.
• Passbook for iOS devices. This is available for any merchant using Passbook. Customers can launch the establishment’s Tipsy screen from the lock screen, select an amount, and confirm payment by bumping the cork with their device.
• NFC support for supported Android phones: tapping your phone to the Tipsy cork will launch the Tipsy app for the current location. After selecting an amount, tap the Tipsy cork again to submit the tip.
• Universal App compatibility for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone platforms.
• Tipping is the same consistent experience in all platforms: select an amount and bump the cork to initiate payment.
• A purpose-built tipping app interface that is intuitive and fun for the customer, and customizable for the establishment.
• Provides merchants a secure, redundant anti-theft system using a smart
data/charging cable, an addition to GPS alerts.
• Audiovisual feedback of all tips (electronic or inserted through the currency slot) ensures that tips are noticed. Optional social networking allows users to extend this feedback and let others know what establishments are worth frequenting.
• An iPhone (or similar smartphone), housed within the cork top, provides the interface, smarts, and connectivity.
• LCD display with touchscreen and speaker gives transaction feedback.
• Bluetooth, Wifi and Cellular/GPS Antennas connect to an establishment’s web connection and allow secure tip transactions.
• Easy to use: simply allow the tipsy app to locate the establishment through GPS and the user will be delivered to the select amount screen.
• Though the phone’s headphone jack is being used in this way, the phone
speaker’s will continue to provide audible recognition of a tipping transaction, to avoid a George Constanza situation.
• For the user with an NFC-enabled phone, beginning the tipping process is as easy as bumping a phone to the cork. The user is taken to the select amount screen for the current establishment.

PDT Design Team:
Lisa Lehman, Design
Tom O'Connor, Design
Gilberto Cavada, Design
Adam Ruggles, Design
Liz McCarter, Design
Joel Delman, Design
Will Capellaro, User Experience
George Guffey, User Experience
PDT was founded with a fresh vision for how product development should work. This unique approach has propelled our growth to a firm spanning the globe with nine offices and over 125 dedicated experts. Our design and engineering teams are frequently recognized by distinguished industry awards. Since 1995, PDT has been committed to providing truly comprehensive product development services via a proven, process-driven approach. Grounded in creativity, our work is balanced by a solid understanding of your business, the needs of your customers and demands of your markets. Even our own corporate structure - flexible and entrepreneurial in the best sense of the word - is designed in response to the fast paced nature of the industries in which our clients compete. Our mission? Deliver on the promise of truly seamless product development, innovation through execution. By all counts, we do it pretty well… Over 75% of PDT’s programs are repeat business from clients who’ve come to appreciate how our team becomes a natural extension of theirs. We build close, trusted relationships on solutions that rarely fail to exceed expectations.
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