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Perkins SMART Brailler
The Perkins SMART Brailler®, from the maker of the world-renowned Perkins Brailler® , is a high-technology Microsoft CE based braille learning device that provides audio and visual feedback coupled with hard-copy output so that anyone can teach themselves braille.

The SMART Brailler is unique in its multi-function, multi-sensory output using the standard braille keyboard. Fitted with a proprietary electronic device that displays large print, simulated braille images and audio output, the SMART Brailler allows non-braille users to access what is being typed. Because the device is built around a Next Generation Perkins Brailler®, hard copy braille is also generated simultaneously. It not only functions as a mechanical brailler, it allows a student to save and transfer electronic documents via USB, and to edit documents. Even more important, with the audio feedback and the screen which displays what is being brailled, a sighted classmate or parent can work alongside the student.
The SMART Brailler brings with it more effective, integrated learning for the new braille user. It facilitates easier communication and collaboration between the student and his or her teacher, parent or classmates, making inclusion of students who are blind into mainstream classrooms far more effective than ever before. Even teachers who do not know braille can see or hear what students are brailling. That makes interaction and feedback between student and teacher (or child and parent) more immediate and more effective.

This new device brings the world’s most widely-used braille writer, the Perkins Brailler, into the high-tech age. This is the first time that a mechanical braille writer has incorporated electronics and software into the design. Designers have infused the trusted quality of a Perkins Brailler with technology to simplify the braille learning process. Until now, using high-tech braille products required braille proficiency. The SMART Brailler gets even new learners connected instantly to braille, opening a more direct route to literacy.




Braille is an essential part of full literacy for those who are blind and a key factor and predictor of employment and financial independence. The use of braille, the tactile system of raised dots that people who are blind use to read the written word, has declined since the 1960s due, in large part, to a shift from specialized schools for the blind to mainstream schools and a lack of qualified teachers.

The Perkins SMART Brailler® answers these challenges by enabling a student to learn braille independently, even when a trained teacher of braille is not in the room, making it the tool to make the overall goal of expanding braille literacy – and thereby expanding potential success for people who are blind throughout the world- possible. The audio and on-screen feedback are available in English, German and a range of other languages via Acapela text-to-speech software.

Because the Perkins Brailler is used worldwide already, adaptation to the SMART version will be seamless. Special training is not required. The SMART Brailler comes with a Quick Start Guide and an audio overview. Free training videos will be available online.

Design Team:
Perkins Products and Product Development Technologies (PDT)
PDT was founded with a fresh vision for how product development should work. This unique approach has propelled our growth to a firm spanning the globe with nine offices and over 125 dedicated experts. Our design and engineering teams are frequently recognized by distinguished industry awards. Since 1995, PDT has been committed to providing truly comprehensive product development services via a proven, process-driven approach. Grounded in creativity, our work is balanced by a solid understanding of your business, the needs of your customers and demands of your markets. Even our own corporate structure - flexible and entrepreneurial in the best sense of the word - is designed in response to the fast paced nature of the industries in which our clients compete. Our mission? Deliver on the promise of truly seamless product development, innovation through execution. By all counts, we do it pretty well… Over 75% of PDT’s programs are repeat business from clients who’ve come to appreciate how our team becomes a natural extension of theirs. We build close, trusted relationships on solutions that rarely fail to exceed expectations.
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