Moji 360

Silver Award
Moji 360 is a portable personal massager that features omni-directional stainless steel spheres to allow users the freedom to massage with a constant motion similar to that of a professional massage therapist at their own convenience.


Moji 360 is a portable personal massager that features omni-directional stainless steel spheres to allow users the freedom to massage with a constant motion similar to that of a professional massage therapist, designed to fit conveniently in a gym bag. Omni-directional spheres break up scar tissue in all directions, making Moji 360 more effective and less painful than static pressure. Multiple hand grips allow users to comfortably access even hard-to-reach areas. Moji’s TriZone technology, featuring varied sphere sizes and arrays, gives users the ability to easily adjust the intensity of the massage. The three complementary design components ensure that on the couch or at the desk, Moji 360 can be used both comfortably and effectively with minimal space and effort required. Moji 360 was developed with the goal of keeping active people active and pain-free. The team’s goal was to develop a portable myofascial massage tool to provide real therapeutic relief to a wide variety of muscle groups. It was a major challenge to strike the balance between an effective deep massage usually found through a visit to the masseuse and something realistic and easy to use on a regular basis. An early learning from an athletic trainer that helped drive the process was “the best form of therapy is the one that you will actually do”. The development process was one of iterative design trial and error to find a design that worked well and drew interest from the athletes. Concepts in the form of physical mock-ups were regularly vetted by professionals in the sports medicine and physical therapy fields. Moji 360 is superior to similar products on the market because it features omni-directional freely rotating massage balls. The best-selling “portable” solution on the market is a long thin “stick” with beads and handles. This unit does a very superficial job of myofascial massage on limited muscle groups compared to the action of Moji’s omni-directional spheres. Along with the “stick” the other most common myofascial release tool is a large foam roller that a user lays upon. The foam roller is effective but its size and massage method make it inconvenient for regular use. The omni-directional balls allow users to massage many areas of the body and provide the ability to massage without limitations in movement allowing them to self-administer therapy customized to their individual needs. Larger spheres provide a deeper, more intense massage for larger muscles and enable users to work out knots by pushing in one direction. The smaller spheres wrap around the muscle to provide a more relaxing massage, allowing users to work on hard to reach spots and areas that require more precision. Moji 360 was designed for maximum portability enabling users to have access to the device as often as needed, whether it be in the office, on the field or while relaxing on the couch. Fascia is a continuous structure of fibrous connective tissue enveloping, separating, or binding together muscles, organs, and other soft structures of the body that exists from head to toe without interruption. Over time, fascia tissue gets stiff and inflexible and this often leads to discomfort and athletic injuries. Moji 360 offers multiple methods of self-administered myofascial release, a technique that makes fascia tissue more pliable. Administering this massage on a regular basis has proven to be a very important preventative step to prevent muscle injury. There are three main use scenarios that the Moji360 is designed to handle. The first is as a warm-up tool increasing blood flow and limbering muscles for the upcoming athletic endeavor. The second is as a regular preventative post-exercise massage regimen massaging muscles while they are the warmest and most accepting of manipulation. The third is to help “work through” and eliminate pulls or muscle trigger point knots that have developed over time. Moji 360 provides flexibility of use and portability enabling users to treat their muscles anytime, anywhere. Along with active massage through movement of the Moji360 the device also provides acupressure and trigger point therapy which delivers direct pressure with one ball. The curved design conforms to different body areas such as the lower back, neck and feet. Ideally with regular use of this product users can have the limber and healthy muscle tissue required to stay injury free. Design credits:Bjorn Gunderson, Lisa Yanz, David Carhart, Mike Raucci


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