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MAGic Immunoprecipitation Sample Processor
MAGic is the life science industry's first benchtop sample preparation system designed to increase productivity, while eliminating manual and contamination-related challenges traditionally associated with protein and epigenetic protocols. The Invitrogen MAGic™ Sample Processor enables researchers to cut protocol time in half, dramatically reduce experimental errors, and perform technically challenging experiments in protein purification and epigenetics. The MAGic Sample Processor is the first of its kind in several ways- completely revolutionizing lab processes for immunoprecipitation (IP), chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and recombinant His-tag protein purification- all from one machine. It is the first machine to allow a user to run anywhere between 1 and 12 DNA test protocols at once. In the past, each protocol had to run individually, taking time, attention and leaving more opportunity for sample degradation. MAGic has reduced processing time by an entire day from the current manual ChIP protocol used by labs around the world. The cartridge format designed for MAGic is completely novel in that a user can run anywhere between 1 and 12 DNA test protocols at once; in addition to reducing the variability caused by pipetting, solution preparation, and handling, this also allows application flexibility that was completely unavailable before. With this one machine, scientists just need to add up to 1 mL of sample, press “Run,” and retrieve their samples in less than an hour, leaving more time to concentrate on the more challenging parts of their research.


$17,990 including on-site installation, support, a live demo and money back guarantee


Gilberto Cavada and Ric Page managed a team of PDT industrial designers and engineers to deliver this revolutionary instrument – from concept through production ready engineering – in less than 9 months. To design such a complex device within such a demanding timeframe was an incredible challenge. Of particular interest is the heating / cooling componentry (and associated software) which forms the “heart” of MAGic. In order to accurately and rapidly process samples, the laboratory protocols require that they be carefully heated and cooled along specific temperature “ramps”, which cannot be deviated from by more than a very small amount. PDT's electrical engineers were able to integrate these components into a relatively small form factor, and insulate them from environmental influences which would otherwise cause the processing to fail. The device is comprised of an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) housing with a steel and aluminum internal structure supporting the instruments various temperature regulators, motors and fluidics.
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