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Sunbrella‚ Ginza Awning Fabric Collection
The 2009-10 Sunbrella ® Awning Collection features 28 new solids, textures and stripes. The Ginza Awning Fabric Collection shown here is just a peek at the full collection. Featured (top to bottom) are: Tresco Clay, Ginza Java, Silica Sesame and Tresco Ginger. Each colorway of Tresco, a bird's eye texture, combines two Sunbrella yarn colors to achieve a tiny dot pattern. Ginza Java features a rich, brown ground with an interplay of warm neutrals to provide an ideal accent to a variety of home exteriors. Reminiscent of raw silk or natural linen, Silica Sesame's slub texture and subtle color effect have an aesthetic that is totally new to the exterior awning market. Comprising only a taste of the total new collection, these fabrics showcase Sunbrella's commitment to staying ahead of trends. Sunbrella upholstery fabrics have become more and more sophisticated and trend savvy, so it just makes sense that the Sunbrella Awning Collection follows suit. All Sunbrella fabrics are stain resistant, fade resistant and easy to clean. Most stains can be removed with mild soap and water, but stubborn stains can be treated with solvents as strong as bleach or acetone without fear of damaging the fabric or removing the color.


Sunbrella® awning fabrics are available through major awning fabricators across the country. Please visit www.sunbrella.com to locate your nearest awning fabricator or Sunbrella dealer for pricing.


Decades before today's green movement, Glen Raven, Inc., the makers of Sunbrella, committed to exceeding industry benchmarks for environmental stewardship. Through ongoing initiatives with our vendors, trade partners and customers, we will stay in the forefront of protecting our environment. Below are some of the ways that Sunbrella fits into your sustainability initiative. • Sunbrella's unique coloring process avoids harmful effluents associated with conventional dyeing processes. It also dramatically reduces water and energy consumption. • Sunbrella fabrics are engineered for a serviceable lifespan two to ten times longer than conventional fabrics. • The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Sunbrella as an aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin. Please use shading products featuring Sunbrella as a part of your complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen. • Fabric awnings using Sunbrella reduce energy consumption significantly. A recent study by the University of Minnesota illustrated that awnings made of Sunbrella fabrics reduce home cooling energy consumption by 10% to 60% and peak cooling loads by as much as 40%. Cooling requires less energy because the awning's shade prevents the sun's heat from entering the home through windows.
Sunbrella, the flagship brand for Glen Raven, Inc, is a fabric recognized internationally for outstanding performance and durability. Long acknowledged as the leader for awnings, marine applications and casual furniture, Sunbrella brand fabrics are also growing in popularity for interior residential furniture and draperies, leading a trend in which consumers are demanding performance along with style and color.

Through the use of jacquard weaving, unique yarn combinations and advanced fabric finishes, new Sunbrella fabrics offer the look and feel of luxurious high end interior fabrics, while retaining legendary performance characteristics. You can find Sunbrella fabrics featured on upholstered furniture from a growing list of the nation's top manufacturers, including Century, Henredon, Hickory Chair, Miles Talbott, Lee Industries, Brown Jordan, Summer Classics, Lane Venture and many others. Sunbrella fabrics are also available through decorative jobbers at leading design centers.

In addition to Sunbrella brand fabrics, Glen Raven has marketing and licensing agreements with leading design and textiles marketing companies, including Donghia, Pindler, Kravet, CMI Rugs and Textillery throws. These relationships have resulted in a broader availability of performance fabrics, trims and consumer home furnishings that offer both beauty and performance.

An in-house design team at Glen Raven is continuing to elevate the design sense and color richness of the Sunbrella brand, traveling around the globe in search of the latest trends. Glen Raven has also retained the services of internationally-recognized designers Joe Ruggiero and Richard Frinier, who have created their own collections for Sunbrella.

Ruggiero, host of HGTV's Homes Across America, has created a Sunbrella collection of more than 200 patterns; Frinier, who gained national recognition as one of the country's most talented furniture designers after a distinguished career at Brown Jordan, is designing Sunbrella fabrics for his new furniture offerings for Century Furniture.

Glen Raven Custom Fabrics operates a fully integrated vertical manufacturing facility in Anderson, South Carolina that is dedicated to developing state-of-the-art fabrics. With more than one million square feet of space, this operation includes yarn production, weaving, finishing, inspection and distribution. This depth and breadth of technical expertise and resources has enabled Glen Raven to create fabrics that are as performance oriented as they are beautiful.

Glen Raven Custom Fabrics looks forward to a promising future. A focus on design excellence, combined with technical expertise, continues to drive the development of Sunbrella brand fabrics that are building on a long heritage of performance, quality and service.
Address: 1831 N Park Ave
City: Glen Raven
State: NC
Zip: 27217
Country: United States
Phone: (336) 227-6211
Fax: (336) 586-1169
Website: http://www.sunbrella.com
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