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Delivering another technological breakthrough for the lighting and electrical industries, Q-Tran, Inc. unveils Q-Wire, a series of flexible, watertight cables that can be used for direct burial applications to power low voltage landscape lighting. Q-Wire joins Q-Set transformer cassettes and Q-Vault housing as the latest introductions in the all-new Q-Scape family, the first direct power supply system designed and engineered for landscape lighting. Q-Tran, the industry leader of high-performance power supply systems and transformers, has also designed Q-Wire for pool/spa and indoor lighting, as well as a broad range of other applications.Q-Wire, which was invented in the Research and Development Department at Q-Tran, is a flexible, stranded type of cable that can be used effectively for low voltage indoor and outdoor lighting. Two tinned copper insulated conductors lay parallel within an overall jacket. Easy to install, flexible Q-Wire is UL Listed, watertight, sun resistant and tin coated so it won't oxidize. Its flexible shape guarantees water tightness when used with Q-Tran's Q-Click compression fittings, to prevent water leaks.Four sizes of Q-Wire are available. 8-AWG: QW-8/2 Stranded UF-B Cable; 10-AWG: 2C Stranded UF-B Cable; 12-AWG: 2C Stranded UF-B Cable; and, 14-AWG: 2C Stranded UF-B Cable.Q-Wire features a two-color outer jacket--- Brown on one side to blend into the bark of a tree and Dark Gray on the other. Stranded conductors are jacketed inside the UF outer jacket and color coded in Bright Blue and Bright Yellow.Q-Wire has been approved by UL to meet Code Standard 493. It has been rated for temperatures ranging from -20 to +90 degrees Celsius, and 75 degrees Celsius in Wet locations. The cable can operate up to a RMS maximum of 600 volts.About Q-Tran, Inc.In 1993, Q-Tran, Inc. was founded by John Tremaine, an accomplished lighting designer born into a family of lighting entrepreneurs and innovators.

Fifteen years ago, Q-Tran, Inc. was founded by John Tremaine. Today the firm is a leading manufacturer and designer of power supply centers and transformers for low voltage and LED lighting systems. Mr. Tremaine, who has been involved in the industry since 1970, is an accomplished lighting designer who was born into a family of lighting entrepreneurs, manufacturers and innovators that have been involved in the lighting industry for seven decades. Q-Tran was established in as a source for remote transformers that eliminated noise and heat, significantly improving performance to enhance the quality of light.Over the years, Gean Tremaine, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Jordan Nodelman, Vice President of Operations, would take their place by their father's side, helping to build Q-Tran as a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality, power supply systems, transformers and components.At the 2008 Lightfair International, Q-Tran's Q-Set transformer cassettes and Q-Vault housing received the show's highest accolades by winning Innovation Awards for Best Landscape Lighting Products, and Best Overall Product Design from 187 entries. Operating with the mantra “EnlightenedThinking®,” John and his firm has pioneered innovative transformers with improved safety, reliability, performance and convenience. He developed the first power supply center designed specifically for low voltage lighting 15 years ago.Q-Tran power supply products are significantly more energy efficient than all other magnetic and electronic transformers available in the industry. With energy costs rising, energy efficient power supplies have a dramatic impact on projects by lowering operating costs and improving light output at the same time. It's a win-win situation.For more information, contact: Q-TRAN, INC. Tel. 203.367.8777 Website:

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