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Amana Goodman Co LP
The Amana® brand DigiSmart PTAC is the smartest PTAC we've ever made. Each PTAC comes with degree by degree temperature control, active digital interface, extensive unit diagnostics, complete on-board energy management software, and full programmability by the owner. The DigiSmart PTAC is yours to control. The DigiSmart™ control comes standard on all Amana® brand PTACs giving you the most flexible and powerful unit control available out-of-the-box from a PTAC manufacturer. When the DigiSmart on-board energy management system is combined with the DigiSmart suite of peripherals, property owners see energy savings of up to 35% and are able to check unit status remotely. This can give advance notice of PTAC performance issues and reduce the chance of an unsatisfied guest in an uncomfortable room. DigiSmart gives full control over the operation of the PTAC to the property owner. All settings, ‘set-backs,' temperature limits and other options can be configured directly through the digital interface on the unit. And the DigiSmart suite of peripheral devices is easy to install and use. No wires are required. Just touch a button on the PTAC and a button on the peripheral, and the two are linked. DigiSmart brings you the best Amana® brand PTAC ever made with the most options and accessories, complete control over PTAC operations, and savings of up to 35% on energy consumption. It's just what you would expect from an industry leader.
Address: 5151 San Felipe #500
City: Houston
State: TX
Zip: 77056
Country: United States
Phone: (713) 263-5480
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