Scroll Moderne, Moss

Platinum Award
Scroll Moderne (shown in Moss 8400-88) is a graceful jacquard scroll on canvas sateen, accented with chenille and woven in a tonal stripe. The beauty of the botanical-inspired pattern belies its hidden technical prowess: using fils coupe technique, the boucle and chenille yarns forming the design's berries are removed from the back, rendering the fabric lightweight in spite of its substantial chenille appearance. Meanwhile, the reverse side of Scroll Moderne provides a novel alternative that works beautifully for pillows and other accent pieces in your client's décor.

In 1999, textile industry visionaries Lee Menichella and Scott Bodenner dared to ask the question: Why can’t outdoor fabrics look and feel as beautiful as the world’s finest fabrics? Why are outdoor living spaces limited by such a poor selection of fabric choices? They envisioned a world where high performance fabrics could transform indoor and outdoor living with more luxury, beauty and durability than ever before imagined.Chella Textiles’ technically advanced performance fabrics and trims infuse the designer’s palette with sensual textures, original patterns and vibrant colors that stand up to the rigors of heavy wear, whether in trend-setting hotels, rooftop restaurants, poolside escapes,or celebrity hideaways. An artisanal textile manufacturer, Chella is known for its design ‘firsts’ such as outdoor chenilles, metallics and matelassés— all while keeping its customers first.Chella fabrics have won wide acclaim including: eight ADEX Platinum awards, seven ADEX Gold awards, and the Interior Design Best of Year award.Rely on Chella to take your designs to a new place.

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