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UltraMax¢â€ž¢ HID Electronic Ballast
Cuts operating costs of retail/commercial applications by accommodating lower wattage lamps in retrofits, fewer fixtures in new installations. 23% energy savings when paired with 350- or 320-watt CMH ® lamps (versus 400-watt metal halide lamps).


NEW GE HIGH-WATT ELECTRONIC HID BALLAST DELIVERS MORE LIGHT, CUTS LUMEN DEPRECIATION The new UltraMax™ HID Electronic Ballast for commercial and industrial end-users is the first of a new family of GE electronic HID ballasts. It can help deliver up to 23 percent energy savings when paired with 350- or 320-watt CMH® lamps instead of standard 400-watt metal halide lamps. The new GE ballast provides up to a 10 percent improvement in lamp lumen depreciation when powering quartz metal halide lamps and a 5 percent improvement for ceramic metal halide lamps. The GE High-Watt 250-400 Electronic HID Ballast is delivered self-contained in its own housing for optimal thermal management and ease of installation. New installations can use fixture layouts with up to 35 percent fewer fixtures compared to conventional electronic HID ballasts. "Because it will operate multiple lamp types from 250 to 400 watts, UltraMax™ HID Electronic Ballast lowers distributors' inventory carrying costs and reduces the chances for job-site errors," says Scott Brandonisio, ballast product manager for GE Consumer & Industrial - Lighting. "This high-efficiency GE ballast lowers the overall cost of ownership, provides more consistent light levels over a lamp's life, and virtually eliminates lamp color shift."
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