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EcoSystem¢â€ž¢ fluorescent dimming ballast

Platinum Award
EcoSystem Solution by Lutron Electronics EcoSystem redefines fluorescent lighting control as easy to design, easy to install, easy to maintain and cost-effective. The EcoSystem fluorescent solution, by Lutron Electronics Co., is built upon one simple, but essential, building block ‚¬â€the EcoSystem ballast, which connects directly to photocells, infrared (IR) receivers, occupant sensors and wallstations, without interfaces, power packs or controllers. The intelligent EcoSystem ballast interprets data collected by the sensors and wallstations, adjusts light levels accordingly and then transmits the information to other ballasts.Both the structure and versatility of the EcoSystem solution remain intact as the system grows from one ballast to several. Connect up to 64 EcoSystem ballasts and a bus supply together on a simple 2-wire communication wire to create a lighting ecosystem. Construct a larger system by connecting multiple 64-ballast loops. Within this lighting control system, any sensor or wallstation connected to an EcoSystem ballast can speak to any or all of the other ballasts on the loop. The EcoSystem ballast replaces the non-dim ballast in a fixture. Once the appropriate sensors are connected to the ballast, these fixtures can be grouped together, forming uniquely-controlled communities within the larger lighting control system.EcoSystem is the cost effective solution to fluorescent lighting control. Its building block architecture reduces design time and easily expands or contracts to meet demands of project size and budget. With fewer parts and pieces, EcoSystem solutions cost less to install. With its enhanced reporting capabilities, innovative system memory and infinite flexibility, EcoSystem solutions also cost less to maintain.

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of lighting controls, architectural lighting control systems and shading solutions for residential, commercial and institutional applications. Lutron offers more than 10,000 products to satisfy virtually any residential or commercial lighting control need. With the recent introduction of Sivoia QEDâ„¢, an award-winning line of controllable window shades, Lutron provides complete solutions for controlling both natural daylight and electric light. Lutron's lighting and shading control systems can be found in some of the most recognized buildings and structures across the globe. At the touch of a button, Lutron lighting control products can transform any room into an elegant and functional experience. Lutron products provide a green solution for complying with building codes and guidelines. For more information, visit us at Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.7200 Suter RoadCoopersburg, PA 18036-1299Phone: (877) 258-8766Website:

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