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Ultra Flush Toilet
The top-rated Ultra Flush(r) pressure-assist flushing platform from Gerber has been repeatedly ranked as one of the highest performing and best toilet values available. Today, Gerber expands its Ultra Flush collection - respected for its efficient flush cycle - with an ultra-low-consumption 1.0 GPF and a 1.6/1.0 GPF dual-flush model. Ultra Flush technology uses the standard water supply to pressurize the air inside the tank and drive water into the bowl with accelerated force, providing superior waste removal and bowl cleaning. The latest additions to the Ultra Flush platform focus on water conservation, since studies have shown that toilet flushing constitutes around 30-40% of domestic water consumption. 1.6/1.0 GPF dual-flush: The Gerber Ultra Flush dual-flush toilet incorporates two flush buttons: the "long flush" uses 1.6 gallons, ideal for solids, and the "short flush" is designed for liquid waste, which uses one gallon. Dual-flush toilets have been used for years in Europe and Australia because of the need to conserve water resources. Recent studies have shown that households that switched to dual-flush toilets conserve up to 60% or 12,000 gallons of water a year. 1.0 GPF ultra-low consumption: The Gerber Ultra Flush 1.0 GPF ultra-low-consumption toilet represents the latest in water conservation efficiency. Combining the top-rated flushing performance of the Ultra Flush pressure-assist flushing platform with Gerber's unique siphon-jet action, superior waste removal and bowl cleaning is achieved with just one gallon per flush. The new Ultra Flush 1.0 GPF ultra low consumption one- and two-piece toilets are available in a full complement of bowl designs, rough-in sizes and designer colors.
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