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2131 K Street - Lobby Area

Platinum Award
30,000 SFWashington, DCGroup Goetz Architects (GGA) was responsible for the building repositioning of this 110,000 square-foot commercial facility on K Street in Washington, DC. The building owner, a developer firm from New York, purchased the building intending to revamp its 30-year-old design. Committed to excellence in design, The Developer approached GGA with their vision of a modernized 2131 K. Working to fulfill the owner's desire to promote design and art-savvy real estate development, GGA's 30,000 square-foot, four-story addition exceeded client expectations by revitalizing the space and allowing the Developer to attract new, high-end clients. The design of the lobby is treated as a still-life painting displayed on the exterior façade. To create a contrast between the façade and lobby, GGA used brown, green, and pale blue finishes on the interior, complimenting the monochromatic exterior. Natural elements were used to bring color and texture to the space. These finishes, in association with the beautifully crafted millwork and comfortable, classic furniture, provide a soothing feeling to the numerous medical patients visiting the outpatient practices on the floors above.

PO Box 3896
Washington DC 20027-0896
United States
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