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Integrated Sensor Control System
Available as an option on a number of Eaton’s ambient LED luminaires, the Integrated Sensor Control System is optimized to meet energy codes for occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting. The sensor system is factory-wired to the luminaire, switching on or off based on occupancy, and dimming the light when enough daylight is available, offering out-of-the-box operation using thoughtful default settings. When the application demands more, the sensor system has an optional remote control allowing changes from the default settings for occupancy, target light level, preset lighting levels, and to temporarily override automatic controls.
The luminaire-integrated sensor control system reduces the design time and complexity of meeting energy codes for both lighting and controls. The sensor system was designed to guarantee occupancy and daylight harvesting coverage from within the footprint of Eaton ambient luminaires, so the lighting design is the control design. The system achieves the lowest installed cost in small spaces compared to traditional control products.

With a single product to mount and a single electrical connection to make, customers save money on the total installed cost when occupancy and daylight harvesting controls are needed.

The integrated sensor system is ideal for new construction or retrofits where both occupancy detection and daylight harvesting control are required. When compared to the cost of furnishing and installing traditional occupancy and daylight sensors in addition to the cost of the luminaire, installing fixtures with the integrated sensor saves money and installation time.


Reduces energy costs
Eaton delivers a range of innovative and reliable indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, as well as controls products specifically designed to maximize performance, energy efficiency and cost savings. Eaton lighting solutions serve customers in the commercial, industrial, retail, institutional, residential, utility and other markets.
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