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Novitas MicroSet Ultrasonic Designer Ceiling Sensors

Platinum Award
A giant step forward in sensor design, Novitas MicroSet Ultrasonic Designer Ceiling Sensors are motion sensors that automatically control lighting and other electrical systems throughout a building based on the presence or absence of people. MicroSet Ultrasonic Designer Ceiling Sensors are engineered for convenience ‚¬â€œ its superior occupancy detection system ensures that lights are not turned off inadvertently. It adapts fully and automatically to the occupant's behavior without having to learn any complicated technology. MicroSet's unique technology adjusts time delay and sensitivity automatically and immediately to accommodate changes in both occupant behavior and the room environment. Ultrasonic sensors use an acoustic transducer that radiates high-frequency (25-40 kHz) sound waves undetectable by the human ear. These waves are emitted into the sensor's field of coverage, where they bounce off of objects, surfaces and people. When the waves bounce back to the sensor, their frequency changes are measured. These "bouncing waves" all create different frequencies depending upon the source (speed and direction) . For instance, a person walking across the room would most likely generate a slight shift in frequency that is different than an air duct or a waving flag. MicroSet technology identifies these differing frequencies. If one shifting frequency remains constant or continues, MicroSet technology ignores that particular shifting frequency and continues to look for others shifts in differing ranges. Novitas MicroSet Ceiling Sensors save both energy and money by automatically turning lights off when an interior area is not occupied by people. Novitas developed a robotic test that was adopted as the NEMA (National Elctrical Manufacturers Association) standard for WD7 testing in 2000. WD7 measures both minor and major coverage areas. Coverage claims that are not verified by the NEMA WD7 test are likely to be substantially overstated.

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