QuietSeal Pro Acoustical Sealant

QuietSeal® Pro is a high performing, non-hardening acoustical sealant used to maintain optimum acoustic performance of the Quiet® Sound Damping System. QuietSeal® Pro stays soft to prevent cracking and reduce sound transmission. Apply QuietSeal® Pro around perimeters of the walls, ceilings and wall partitions, junction boxes and any small penetrations to prevent noise leaks in your assembly. It’s easy to use and offers a hassle free clean up – just use soap and water. Choose QuietSeal® Pro for quick application, maximum performance, and reliable results when used as part of the Quiet® Sound Damping System.QuietSeal® Pro Benefits:• Optimizes damping performance of STC rated assemblies• Easy application• Hassle free clean up• Stays soft for high acoustic performance• Environmentally friendly: water-based, low VOC and low odor• Exceeds ASTM C834 standards


QuietSeal® Pro Product Specifications:
Model: QuietSeal® Pro
Color: Light Blue
Coverage: 88 linear feet for 1/4” bead
Weight: 3 lbs/tube
Storage temp: 40°-100°F
Volume shrinkage: 18.4%

PABCO® Gypsum
The Family of Quality Gypsum Wallboard Products
Family owned and operated since 1972, PABCO® Gypsum has been providing quality gypsum wallboard products and superior customer service throughout North America. PABCO’s dedication to quality begins with its gypsum mining operation at its Las Vegas, NV wallboard plant which was named 2008 World Wallboard Plant of the Year by the Global Gypsum Conference. To ensure finishing quality, the face and backing paper is manufactured by its sister company, PABCO® Paper, located in Vernon, CA. PABCO’s latest acquisition adds the QuietRock® products and manufacturing plant to the family.
The PABCO® family of quality gypsum wallboard products includes standard and specialty panels for use in all types of construction: residential, commercial and institutional buildings.
PABCO’s specialty products include the award winning QuietRock® sound damped wallboard and its complete line of accessories. QuietRock® achieves high sound attenuation and fire-resistance in one product. QuietRock provides high STC walls using less space, less material and less labor than conventional alternatives.
Other additions to the PABCO® product family include PABCO LITECORE™ dual-use lightweight gypsum wallboard for walls and ceilings. PABCO LITECORE ™ is sag resistant, has a noncombustible core and is lighter that regular gypsum boards.
PABCO GLASS™ is a fiberglass mat faced sheathing board designed for exterior applications where exposure to the elements may be necessary during construction. PABCO GLASS™ provides fire-resistance, mold-resistance and water-resistance.
Part of the MOLD CURB® Plus product family is PABCO® High Impact Gypsum Board. This is the ultimate resistance board: impact, abrasion, mold and water resistant. PABCO® High Impact Gypsum Board is designed for use where durability is necessary.
Other PABCO® products include FLAME CURB® with Type X, XXX and Super C core options. MOLD CURB® Plus, WATER CURB®, PABCORE® Shaftliner and MOLD CURB® Plus Shaftliner, Exterior Soffit, Sheathing, Ceiling, and Regular Gypsum Board.
PABCO® Gypsum is a committed environmental steward by adopting practices throughout its operations to minimize its impact on our environment. This is achieved by reducing and reusing waste, manage water consumption and using alternative energy in its production facility.
PABCO’s experienced sales and technical services teams are ready to assist you in the selection of PABCO® Gypsum products and solutions for your project.

37851 Cherry Street
Newark CA 94560
United States
(800) 797-8159
PABCO Gypsum
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