ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2020-21

Swag Sconce

Wall Swag, Our Freshest Hand Blown Glass Sconce

We set out to design a wall sconce that didn’t need hard wiring, and in fact the hanging cord is elemental to the design! A solid glass know is coated in gold leaf, and applies easily to any wall surface with the appropriate anchor type. The matte black shade is made from eco-black, heavy metal free, and glows magenta when lit. Imagine multiples in a row here….

glass shade 3.5” x 3.5” x 18”


Eco glass color, lead and heavy metal free glass color. We use only recycled and biodegradable glass, packaging, and paper goods. Our furnace is electric and runs on wind power credits, with zero CO2 emissions.


$900 MSRP


New 2020 design Andi Kovel for Esque Studio

Experimenting with form and technique is paramount to Esque’s core ambition. Esque was founded by artists Justin Parker and Andi Kovel. Extraordinary attention to detail and quality supports an innovative vision for functional accessories, lighting and architectural elements that are driven by a fascination with the inherent attributes of glass. Each unique creation is both a fine piece of art and a sought-after collectible. Esque studio was built using cutting-edge technology to reduce waste and gas consumption. Our wind credit electric furnace runs up to ten times more efficiently than traditional gas furnaces and produce zero CO2 emissions. Justin and Andi started as glass blowers for hire and found that time ‘linked us together as far as our passion for, and interest in, pushing the medium goes. We are each other’s perfect foil.’ The duo have risen to international acclaim over the past twenty years (they were recently honored by Time Magazine as one of the ‘Design 100’, today’s one hundred most influential international designers) and now lead the American market for hand-blown, modern, functional glass work. Justin, most famous for his skill in creating enormous pieces of glass, studied under Italian masters with a focus on handmade glass sculpture. He is an accomplished artist, exhibiting at venues including the Brooklyn Museum of Art,and he has also produced fine art pieces for artists including Jim Dine, Kiki Smith and Tony Oursler. Andi is internationally celebrated as an influential accessory designer, glass blower and fine artist. She has exhibited with Claus Oldenburg, Damien Hirst and Kiki Smith, and has designed glass lines for Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie and Donna Karan, but she is most recognized for her new forms and techniques in the field of glass. Hand producing a collection of gorgeous vessels and edgy decorative accessories, inspiring art and beauty.

6717 North Borthwick Av
Portland OR 97217
United States
(503) 289-6392
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