Banker Wire Mesh H-1

Banker Wire H-1 circular woven wire mesh pattern represents the start of a new era in modern day architectural woven wire mesh. Banker Wire introduces this crimp style that opens up possibilities of many new patterns and designs limited only to ones imagination.The helix is a new crimp style with enormous design potential. For years, the wire mesh industry has been limited to making squares, rectangles, and diamonds. Banker Wire, the worldwide leader in the manufacture of woven and welded wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications, announces it is introducing a design that represents a whole new category of wire mesh construction: Circle Mesh. Naturally flowing circular shaped openings are created when intersecting the helical wires. The smooth lines created by the spiral shaped wires give this mesh a soft and tranquil look and feel. The helix can also be combined with any other fundamental crimp style, creating a truly unique woven wire mesh pattern.The possibilities for this new circle wire mesh are endless. Applications include ceilings, facades, railing infill panels, room dividers and more.


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Established by Charles Banker in 1896 as C.I. Banker Wire & Iron Works, the company flourished in Milwaukee as one of many early metal fabricators making use of a new engineering marvel - inexpensive steel. Banker Wire specialized in fabricating wrought iron and wire products such as fire escapes, tool room partitions and bank teller cages. Changing times and changing owners gradually took its toll, and by the mid 1960's, the company had withered to a local buyer and seller of industrial wire cloth.

New ownership in 1965 gradually began revitalizing Banker. By the mid 1970s, the business was beginning to transition from a reselling operation into a manufacturer. Over the next 30 years, an evolutionary process occurred as the owners, who are also engineers and fabricators, developed new processes and designed new equipment that resulted in heightened efficiency and more perfect products. Unfettered by the inefficient procedures utilized by more established weavers, Banker emerged as the expert source for woven wire cloth, for both industrial and architectural applications.

Today, Banker Wire is the world’s leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications. With the most modern and productive mill in the U.S., Banker Wire provides custom-weaved material for any aesthetic on any scale – from intricate design highlights to expansive building facades. Banker Wire’s investment in its people and equipment provides its customers with innovative and value-based products that solve problems and exceed expectations.

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