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Marmoleum Mineral, Prisma, Graphic
What is the new Marmoleum? Marmoleum is a linoleum floor covering, made from all natural and renewable raw materials including linseed oil, rosin, limestone, wood flour, jute and pigments. In a state-of-the-art production process, these ingredients are mixed, calendared and dried into a unique flooring suitable for a huge variety of applications in both working and living environments. Inspired by nature The colors and designs incorporated into Marmoleum are echoes from the natural world from which they are made. In close-up, some patterns may not immediately call to mind the materials on which they are based, but when viewed from a distance Marmoleum is typically described as harmonious and organic. A complete range of designs The 2007 Marmoleum range comprises three distinct designs: · Marmoleum prisma is inspired by the light separating properties of the prism and consists of two shimmering families of patterns. · Marmoleum mineral draws its inspiration from the variety and richness of natural stone sorts in a spectacularly wide spectrum of shades and hues. · Marmoleum graphic is a classic range concentrating on blacks, whites and greys, conceived in the artistic traditions of Rembrandt etchings and Escher lithographs. The entire Marmoleum range is designed to turn offices into inspiring working environments, to transform shops or restaurants into conceptually integrated styling exercises, to bring color and durability to schools and public buildings. Marmoleum provides timelessly versatile flooring as a perfect base for the dynamic requirements of exhibitions, design interiors, showrooms and art galleries. The colors and structures of the Marmoleum range are balanced with and combine very well with the existing Marmoleum collection that Forbo offers worldwide.


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Forbo Flooring Systems
With a strong focus on innovation, Forbo Flooring inspires customers to create better interior environments. Forbo has been recognized as the leader in providing color and design options with our Marmoleum flooring. Naturally occurring anti-static properties make Marmoleum easy to clean, while naturally occurring antimicrobial properties stop the breeding of many micro-organisms such as allergen producing dust mites, and the MRSA strains of bacteria. These features, combined with simple, low cost maintenance and unmatched durability make Marmoleum an ideal choice for the indoor environment.Forbo Flooring is also committed to protecting the natural environment and investing in a sustainable future by constantly seeking to create more environmentally friendly products and processes. When it comes to an environmentally friendly product, Marmoleum is an outstanding choice. Not only is it made from readily renewable natural ingredients, but also, every element of the process, from how we obtain the natural raw materials, to how we produce the product (in ISO-14000 certified facilities), to how we recommend installation and maintenance procedures and products is conducted with the environment as a key priority. Forbo creates an environment that empowers, motivates and develops its employees to be the most knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated in the industry. Forbo Flooring is the world leader in linoleum. Our financial strength, long history of consistent commitment to our product (over 150 years) and continual reinvestment in this, our core product, make us a reliable manufacturer to deal with.
Address: 8 Maplewood Drive Humboldt Industrial Park
City: Hazleton
State: PA
Zip: 18202
Country: United States
Phone: (570) 450-0328
Fax: (570) 450-0229
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Forbo Flooring Systems
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