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Leviton SectorFlex
SectorFlex is the latest development from our Sector Intelligent Digital Lighting Control System to offer the most cost effective and energy efficient lighting control solution that works with either Sector Ballasts or virtually any 0-10v ballast ballast or load. SectorFlex works for either switching or dimming lighting control and gives you the full power of the Sector design with the flexible and cost effective SectorFlex system.
As with our Sector system, SectorFlex integrates scheduling, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, dimming and manual control into an intelligent digital lighting control system. SectorFlex systems are easy to design, install and program and provides both energy savings and increase occupant comfort and productivity.
• Easy to Design. The flexible, topology- and polarity-free SectorFlex system offers limitless future expansion opportunities.
Easily create a lighting design with various levels of lighting control including switching, distributed dimming,
occupancy sensing, and daylight harvesting anywhere – from a single room to an entire campus of buildings.
• Easy to Install. All SectorFlex components – including occupancy sensors, photocells, relays, switches, dimmers, and controllers – are interconnected using the same wiring throughout the entire system using a topology-free technique.
• Easy to Monitor, Manage, and Maintain. SectorFlex’s graphical point-and-click/drag-and-drop software offers centralized control and scheduling to make system configuration, reconfiguration, and maintenance easy and convenient.
• Easy Energy Savings. Cost-effectively save up to 40% or more by combining switching, distributed dimming, occupancy sensing, and daylight harvesting energy saving technologies in one integrated system.
• Easy Code Compliance. Meet today’s stringent energy codes and performance requirements easily.

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Leviton Lighting Management Systems
Leviton offers a complete product line with all the support services in place to help you confidently tackle any lighting control and energy management project. Their experienced in-house engineering and applications staff supports rapid product development with an aggressive energy management focus. Leviton is committed to pursuing emerging technologies and trends that keep you current with information and solutions to energy codes and mandates.
Address: 20497 SW Teton Ave
City: Tualatin
State: OR
Zip: 97132
Country: United States
Phone: (503) 404-4751
Fax: (503) 404-5694
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Leviton Lighting Management Systems
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