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MARI 25w Marine-Grade LED Bollard Light 120-277v | Louvers, Lens-Free
These MARI 25w Marine-Grade Bollard Lights are great fixtures for oceanfront, shore-front, lakeside, or coastal properties. With no exterior lens and a dust-and-water IP65 rating, this fixture is tough enough to withstand just about anything you can throw at it. Their inner and outer marine-grade coating allow them to stand up to salt spray and humidity for an extremely long time. MARI bollard lights boast terrific efficacy and output for a relatively low price.


L70 rated for 50,000 hours
L90 rated for 36,000 hours
Rated for use in temperature ranges between -4°F and 113°F.






These units are coated in an extremely durable marine-grade coating that is designed to withstand ocean water, salt spray, and more. If you live by the coast, you know how destructive these elements can be; Access Fixtures makes it easy and affordable to safely light your property with resilient fixtures.
At just 25 watts, these bollards deliver 1,500 lumens, directed down and around the units via clean-cut louvers. These bollards feature a housing that has no outer lens, making them much harder to break or vandalize than other bollard lights.
Access Fixtures
Access Fixtures is factory direct commercial, industrial, hospitality and sports lighting with leading LED, HID and T5HO technology. Products include area lights, bollard lights, wall packs, parking lot lighting, decorative street lighting, high bay fixtures, garage lighting, vapor tight lights, troffers, exit & emergency, and lighting for your venue.
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Country: United States
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Access Fixtures
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