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15w USA LED Round Dome Top Bollards with Aluminum Cone 120v-277v
"These 15w LED Dome Topped Bollards with Aluminum Cone offer a great lighting solution to businesses, home owners and many other projects. With the aluminum cone in the center the bollard is designed to send the light both outward and downward while not sacrificing the output of the LEDs. With an extremely high efficacy, low wattage and a high color rendering index number of 83 this fixture is very useful for a variety of applications."


"This fixture has an incredibly low wattage of 15w and a lumen output of 2089, this fixture has a fantastic efficacy of nearly 140 lumens per watt. This fixture is able to run for much longer and at a much higher output as a comparable metal halide fixture, for a fraction of the energy cost."


"$284.99 with discounts available for larger orders"


"The aluminum cone inside the fixture of this product is designed to throw the emitted light both down and out in a medium area around the fixture. It is placed directly under the LEDs in order to minimize the light lost through missing the cone and going through the glass. "
Access Fixtures
Access Fixtures is factory direct commercial, industrial, hospitality and sports lighting with leading LED, HID and T5HO technology. Products include area lights, bollard lights, wall packs, parking lot lighting, decorative street lighting, high bay fixtures, garage lighting, vapor tight lights, troffers, exit & emergency, and lighting for your venue.
Address: 40 Jackson Street
City: Worcester
State: MA
Zip: 1608
Country: United States
Phone: (508) 340-4192
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Access Fixtures
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