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OPTOTRONIC Driver with DEXAL Technology

Platinum Award
The OSRAM OPTOTRONIC LED Programmable Driver with DEXALTechnology, is a non-proprietary, intra-luminaire interface that enables bi-directional communications between the driver and the fixture integratedcomponent. It provides exact luminaire-specific data,including diagnostics, to light management systems. Fixturemanufacturers can design smart fixtures and streamline theconfiguration process by leveraging DEXAL as a standardbi-directional communications interface.DEXAL is compatible with a growing list of industry leadinglight management systems:-Current powered by GE; Enlighted; Magnum Energy Solutions; OSRAM Encelium


-Two-way communication and
power between driver and fixture integrated components
—— Helps streamline luminaire configuration and manufacturing process (one driver can support multiple LMS)
—— Enables exact luminaire-specific
data including:
– Power consumption
– Temperature profile
– Operating hours
– Diagnostics
—— OEM Programmable with 1mA
resolution to perfectly match LED
load and maximize performance
—— Integrated OEM programmable
features include:
– Constant lumen maintenance
– End-of-life indication
– LED thermal protection
—— Programming doesn't require
powering up or connecting the
power supply to AC line voltage
—— Specification grade dimming down
to 1%
—— Dim-to-off
—— Soft start
—— Slim form factors
—— Input voltage:
– Universal 120-277Vac 50/60H
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