Treefrog Press from Treefrog

Platinum Award
Treefrog introduces Treefrog Press, a new collection of seven prefinished wood veneer laminates with deep textures that emulate the look and feel of barn board and worn flooring. Available now in 4 x 8 foot sheets, Treefrog Press features lighter wood species like Ash, Walnut and White Oak, which are becoming more popular now, as well as standbys like Wengé and Black Oak. Treefrog Press has a light melamine coating and with its deep grooves, is ideal for vertical and light duty horizontal installations. Call or visit to see more. 800 807-7341


-FSC certified
-All wood is of certified origin
-Our manufacturing process uses faster growing and more commonly occurring tree spieces to create the look of more exotic and potentially endangered wood species without having to harvest these tree species.

39 O'Neil St.
Easthampton MA 1027
United States
(413) 529-0718
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