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BL-4000 Warm White LED Light Engine
The BL-4000 Warm White with its 3,000 Kelvin color temperature is the latest addition to the com-pany's internationally award-winning product line. More than 3 times brighter than any other commercially available warm white LED array, the BL-4000 Warm White delivers 95 lumens ¡V nearly as much light as a 10 Watt halogen bulb ¡V while con-suming only 5.3 Watts of electricity. Its usable lifetime (rated at 50% of original brightness) is 3 to 4 times longer than the longest lived halogen. It is smaller than a U.S. nickel, as are the RGB+ (red-green-blue) and cool white models in Lamina's BL-4000 series.


Another product in this line, the BL-4000 RGB+, earned top honors at LightFair International 2005 with Best Technical Innova-tion and Best in Category awards.


All BL-4000 series LED light engines are very easy for designers and engineers to incorporate into exist-ing designs. More important, their unique characteristics (spatial, optical, electrical and thermal) encour-age entirely new applications and designs which capitalize upon the numerous benefits of solid state lighting. Designed for popular driver currents, all BL-4000 LED light engines are available mounted to Lamina¡¦s EZ-Connect board, resulting in solderless connections. The board, snap-in wiring harness, available heat sinks and lenses custom designed by the renowned Fraen Corporation (in wide, medium and narrow patterns) together create a plug-and-play system which makes designing and prototyping easy¡K and exciting.
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