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Open-rated installation flexibility and 150-watts/lamp energy savings when replacing 400-watt standard metal halides in color-critical retail, grocery, gas/convenience store and industrial/warehouse settings. More color consistency, higher color rendering, lower wattage with superior lumen maintenance (85%).


NEW 250-WATT PA SPXX CMH® LAMP OFFERS INSTALLATION FLEXIBILITY, ENERGY SAVINGS FOR COLOR-CRITICAL APPLICATIONS The newly available, open-rated 250-watt PA SPXX CMH® lamp gives retail, grocery and gas/convenience store chains, as well as industrial end-users several reasons to replace 400-watt standard metal halide lamps. Among its numerous advantages will be more color consistency, higher color rendering and lower wattage with superior lumen maintenance (85 percent versus 70 percent for standard 400-watt metal halide). Energy savings will add up because the 250-watt PA SPXX CMH lamp offers a similar light output of a 400-watt standard metal halide lamp while saving 150-watts per lamp. Designed for vertical and horizontal burn positions—most pulse-arc lamps restrict burn positions—the versatile 250-watt PA SPXX CMH lamp will answer the need for an energy-saving, color-critical product that's suitable for high-bay retail applications and lower mountings such as gas/convenience store canopy applications. The new 250-watt lamp will join a family of products that includes the new 320-watt CMH and current 350-watt and 400-watt CMH lamps. For more information about the 250-watt PA SPXX CMH lamp or other CMH products, please contact your local GE supplier; visit or call 1-800-GE-LAMPS.
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