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Silver Award
Yun Frames
From the native styles of the aborigines to the lofty baroque style, each genre of these art frames displays its own brilliance. However, there has never been in this world, art frames that embody things found in nature yet surpass the superlative craftsmanship of nature itself. In order to raise the art of creating frames to a new height, Buddha Vajradhara Dharma King Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu has brought to people truly beautiful frames that capture the soul of nature. Finally, through his efforts, there has appeared in this world, for the first time, masterpiece frames that embody things found in nature yet excel natural beauty. Because the Vajradhara Dharma King is a world-renowned artist, the art frames that he sculpts and paints are extremely valuable. Each original frame is the only one that exists in the entire world. However, people can now enjoy Gemart reproduced masterpiece frames-Yun Frames both beautiful and inexpensive. For more details, please contact us.
Superior Art Building Material
Superior Art Building Material LLC; Treasure from Heaven In 2007, Gemart, the brand created by San Francisco-based Superior Art Building Material, LLC, revealed their unique products to the world at Tradeshows around the Globe. Never before has artwork this cosmic and colorful been incorporated into building materials such as Gemart's Glazed Porcelain Tile, Art Glass and Jade Panel. With offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok, Gemart products are available worldwide and attracting international attention. This year, Gemart's products have gained further exposure across the globe; featured in national publications including Fabulous Floors Magazine, Tile Magazine and Floor Focus. In addition to gaining international interest, Gemart's porcelain products won the Platinum, Gold and Silver awards of Best product under the Hard Surfaces category in the 2008 ADEX (Award for Design Excellence) put on by The Design Journal Magazine.
Address: 2434 Mission St
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Zip: 94110
Country: United States
Phone: (415) 206-1206
Fax: (415) 206-1213
Website: http://www.gemart.com
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