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True Metals
Maya Romanoff explores new extraordinary materials with the introduction of True Metals. Genuine copper and brass are painstakingly hand-processed using an ancient technique that creates a warm permanent patina. The brushed aluminum tiles have a clean and new look. True Metals are preserved to retain their appearance over time. 12  x 12  tiles.
Maya Romanoff Corporation
The Maya Romanoff Corporation is a Chicago based manufacturer and leader of the most advanced wallcoverings and interior furnishings in the world. Led by the vision and creativity of Maya and Joyce Romanoff, our 36-year-old corporation has transformed modern day design by combining ancient artistic techniques with up-to-date industrial production, and a keen approach for environmental concerns.
Address: 3435 Madison Street
City: Skokie
State: IL
Zip: 60076
Country: United States
Phone: (773) 465-6909
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Maya Romanoff Corporation
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