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Integrating Art with Architecture Through Glass
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Celebration of Diversity
“Celebration of Diversity” would be a joyful, vibrant, colorful and jubilant statement of the positive assets of global diversity. A modern and stylized human figure, this sculpture represents the LGBTQ community as well as all people, all sexes, all nationalities, all faiths, all sexual orientations, all individuals of all capabilities; judging none and celebrating all. The face of the sculpture would be crafted of mirror polished stainless steel, the concept being that everyone who looks at the sculpture sees him/herself. The symbolic meaning being, we are all one. Our differences combined make us stronger as a whole.


Envisioned at 10 feet tall by 1 foot wide, “Celebration of Diversity” would become a majestic and bold statement proudly standing as a positive memorial to the spirit of diversity and as a reminder that only through embracing our differences can we survive on this one world we share.

The graceful, contemporary, open framework of the sculpture and the small footprint works in harmony with the surrounding buildings, the natural environment and the local neighborhood.


As artists and humanitarians we feel strongly that the bold and positive symbolism of “Celebration of Diversity” is needed now more than ever before. Taking action through art. This is why we have created this opportunity, which we will send to organizations around the United States and the world. We have made the sculpture at a smaller scale, (10 feet) than that which we normally work, and at a reasonable cost, $10,000.00, which will easily allow for private donors to fund the sculpture, so as no public funding is necessary.


In the aftermath of the Orlando Pulse tragedy, we are honored to submit our proposed sculpture, “Celebration of Diversity” to all communities, as a memorial to those who lost their lives and were injured in Orlando and to all who suffer around the world at the hands of people who reject diversity. This sculpture honors the worldwide fight for equal rights and pays tribute to all victims of hate, intolerance and violence. We choose to celebrate all those individuals who struggle with such animosity with a positive, inspiring, visual statement. A bold sculpture of promise. It will stand as a pledge of support to all people around the globe. We hope that by this fearless declaration, other cities across the country and around the world will follow your example and courageously celebrate diversity, while at the same time stand bravely against hatred and violence and those who refuse to accept the positive attributes of worldwide diversity.
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