Mystic Edition - Rainforest

Studio G3 Glass offers Fine Art that are bold, expressive and unique. The complex compositions highlight versatility and endless possibilities. the Glass Art Collection has been incorporated in design for the residential, hospitality and retail industry; becoming a designers key in tying a scheme together. What began as a vision, ended up as an international success.


6,200 - 15,000


Art is one of the most powerful statement pieces to make all ends of a space come together. Art has become more and more a reflection of our individuality. Flexibility in working with different sizes and colors has grown importance. Our representatives and dealers across the globe are all incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about art and design. They will work with you to ensure you will receive your desired custom made, one- of-a-kind piece, in the utmost quality while making sure this unique art purchasing experience is a pleasant and memorable one.

Studio G3 Glass, LLC

Studio G3 was founded in 1996 by Naser Niki and Johnny Tse with well over 50 years of combined experience in art glass and graphic design. They both share the same passion for designing elegant and distinctive glass creations, which many consider each one a masterpiece.

Our glass products are mainly created using the sandblasting and kiln-forming techniques. Here at Studio G3, our goal is to broaden the limits of glass design using these two techniques. Innovative and exclusive glass creations such as the Faux-Marble finished glass, the Architectural Glass Collection, Fusion and Heavy Texture Series are some of the products derived from the sandblasting and kiln-forming techniques. The possibilities are endless at Studio G3. We customize to suit even the wildest ideas imaginable.


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Port Coquitlam BC V3C1S2
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